About Me

Having fallen in love with Scotland on a visit from my native Australia, I moved halfway across the world to explore the natural landscape that captivated me. 

My paintings are inspired by the sometimes dramatic, often beautiful scenery that is found in Scotland - I believe the seasons in north of the border boast a range of colour unrivalled in any natural palette. 

I build up colour using oil and pure pigment and enhance the landscapes through the use of pure bees’ wax, which gives the paintings more depth and texture – and gives my studio a great aroma! 

Working primarily on land and seascapes that can be found around the Scottish coast and the Cairngorms, I create in my studio having taken photographs on-site. I find that I am more influenced by the memory of how I felt while I was there than the realistic replication of place, therefore using sketches and photographs as a reference to feelings and colours that I was initially attracted to. 

One of the best compliments that I have ever been paid was that my paintings allow the viewer to smell the season.  

Having studied Printmaking in Melbourne and Painting in Leith, the weather was definitely superior in the former, but the latter spoke volumes to me.